About Niaby Codd

Niaby is an ex stock broker who saw the light in the darkest hour of poor health and recognised the call of her soul to walk a different path.

That path has led her to be of service to spirit as she gently brings through words of wisdom from a higher source. Both a healer and a spiritual medium, she hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves, so in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same.

Niaby is the author of the channelled book ‘The spirit of Life’ and is also the host of ‘The Spirit of Life in Ibiza’ podcast.

Niaby hopes to gently inspire consciousness in others, not by telling them how to think, but rather by provoking thoughts in people that may not have been previously provoked, then allowing the seed of consciousness to grow.

Love not fear
Love not fear

Who is ‘The Spirit of Life’?

Well, of course, the spirit of life can be found in all things and is all things, for we are all tiny pieces of source energy, experiencing ourselves experientially, life after beautiful life. But the spirit that shows himself to Niaby, in order for her to bring through his words of wisdom, coupled alongside her own, is none other than the legendary, or maybe not so legendary, Merlin of Avalon. 

This may be hard for some to believe – it certainly took Niaby herself some time to come to terms with the fact that ‘he was who he said he was’ and many years more to find the courage to share his identity with the world, but Merlin steps forward at these precarious times to shine his beautiful magic and wisdom on a world that so desperately needs to reconnect with the true wisdom and true magic that is ours to behold, if only we could see past the lies and manipulations of our current systems.

Merlin comes to guide us to reconnect with our own true light, our own true power and our own true wisdom. ‘Every one of us has a gift, a gift that will help to heal the rift’ and by finding the courage to take the journey into self, we can start to heal ourselves, by discovering what our gifts and passions are, which, in turn, will lead to us living the lives that we were born to lead, instead of the lives that society deems.


I am who I say I am my dear, I know you have doubt and a little fear. How will you explain it away? What will all of those people say? Merlin the magic man I am, the legend is real, it’s not a sham. King Arthur’s knights and a table so round, if you look for evidence it can be found.

As man lost his love for magic, the story became a little tragic, for much information was buried and the use of magic became heavily levied. Branded witches and burnt at the stake, so much power did they take. The knowledge of magic ripped from our hands, the knowledge of magic banished from all the lands.

Magic lost from our memories, magic seeing us fall to our knees. Magic labelled a tool of the devil, magic switched to a whole new level. Magic became a thing of legends, never again to be openly mentioned. Magic lost from our minds forever, magic oh what a beautiful treasure.

Magic was the master of the land, magic happened at the flick of a hand. Magic was something to truly be mastered, losing magic was such a disaster. As many a man moved from his heart, lost was the beauty of this treasured art. As man used magic for personal gain, man brought about torture and pain. As man used magic to further his cause, man broke many spiritual laws. As man used magic against his fellow man, harder it was to be who I am. No longer could magic be used in such ways, tragic it was to leave those days. Magic when used for the good of mankind, no better a tool will you find.

Embrace the legend that I am, the legend of Merlin the magic man. Know that I speak the truth, search and ye shall find the proof. Matter not who I am, but do know that magic’s not a sham.

Magic is yours to use, if this is the path that you so choose. Close your eyes and ask for help, take your magic book down from the shelf. Use the magic of creative thought, this is a skill that can not be bought. Available it is to all mankind, simply look and ye shall find. Reconnect yourself back with this power, rebuild your ivory tower. Embrace the truth in all of its glory, then you will know the entire story.


Why Ibiza?

Niaby now lives across Ibiza and London, having listened to the calling of her heart to connect her own magic with the magic of the white isle.

Magic has certainly been in abundance for Niaby since partially moving to Ibiza, as she has connected with many people on the island, fully in the power of their own magic and ready to share their beautiful gifts with the world. This led her to set up ‘The Spirit of Life in Ibiza’ podcast, in order to share some of the power of this magical island and its inhabitants with the rest of the world.

Niaby has no doubt that as the world changes, as it now undoubtedly will, all eyes will be on Ibiza, as it becomes one of the first places to transcend itself into the whole new world that we can now collectively create, as a result of this Great Awakening.

We are creating history – let’s make it a history to be proud of!


Niaby’s Certifications and Training

Niaby has been developing her mediumship skills for many years and has received various certificates from year long mentorship training groups:

  • Certificate of Advanced Mediumship Development with Tony Stockwell, Soul Space.
  • Certificate of Platform Mediumship with Tony Stockwell and Natalie Walker, Soul Space.
  • Certificate of Mediumship Development – Paul Jacobs, House of Spirit.
  • Certificate of Mediumship Development – Mavis Pattilla and Jean Else’s mentorship.
  • Certificate of Mediumship Development – Charlie Kelly

Niaby started her training at The London College of Psychic studies and has also attended several week long courses at the infamous Arthur Findlay college in Stansted. She has also attended several progressive training courses with Paul Jacobs, including a 5 day progressive course at The House of Spirit in Hannover, Germany.

Merlin taught Niaby both to heal and to work with magic (of the highest and truest light) but Niaby has also achieved the following certificates and awards:

  • Certified member of the ‘Healer Practitioner Association’ for Reiki, Spiritual Healing and Mediumship.
  • Completed Theta Healing basic and advanced course.
  • Received a Distinction Diploma in Natural Magic and Advanced Wicca at the Centre of Excellence.
  • Awarded a Grade A pass for a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition at The School of Natural Health Sciences.

Niaby has also been working on her immense fear of public speaking for the past couple of years by becoming a member of Toastmasters, which just goes to show that sometimes our biggest challenges can become our biggest gifts.

As well as working on her public speaking, Niaby has also been working with a voice activation coach to empower her to use her voice to speak her truth from the heart. Through this work she has started to release her singing voice in order to channel the words of spirit through song. This has also led to her channelling light language and light codes as a healing modality.

Book a Session with Niaby

Niaby offers online mediumistic readings, reconnecting you with your loved ones from the spirit world, as well as intuitive life guidance and coaching sessions.

Niaby uses her psychic abilities to guide and empower clients to see the answers for themselves. She believes that we all hold the answers inside of ourselves but sometimes we just need a little bit of help to get there. 

Through her intuitive questioning and guidance, she will help you to see what you already know through the eyes of clarity and confidence. She will pinpoint blocks that are standing in the way of you being your most authentic self and will intuitively recommend tools as well as practical advice and tips to help you to push through these blocks and step into the power of who you truly are.

If you are interested in booking a session with Niaby you can contact her at Niaby@thespiritoflifeinibiza.com Each session costs £120 and lasts for 60 minutes.

You can choose to book a one off intuitive session or can book coaching sessions on an ongoing basis at a discounted price.

Healing with Niaby

Niaby offers channelled one to one healing sessions at £80 per session. Currently she only offers this service in person.

Niaby has also come up with the unique concept of healing on a dance floor. She believes that this is the perfect place to heal people as we naturally open up our energy fields when we are dancing, meaning that healing can be experienced at an even deeper level.

Niaby was in conversation with club promoters before lockdown to heal on actual dance floors but in the interim, she is creating her own intimate dance floor by offering ‘healing on dance floor workshops’ for smaller groups of people to experience this powerful and fun way to heal.

This hour long workshop will take you on a journey from the slow subtleness of your own natural movements, stepping up the tempo to a more ecstatic style dance, then bringing you back down to a slower pace of peace and tranquility as you embody the healing that has taken place.

This workshop is currently being offered at a secret Ibiza location – contact Niaby at Niaby@thespiritoflifeinibiza.com for more details.

You can also check out a brief example of this work by clicking on the ‘Ibiza Book Launch and Healing Event‘ video at the bottom of the book page of this website.

Podcast Guesting and Live Radio Shows:

As well as having her own podcast show, Niaby has appeared as a guest on several other podcasts as well as live radio shows.

You can check out the interviews on the links below:


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Live Radio Shows:

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If you would like to book Niaby to be a guest on your show, you can contact her at Niaby@thespiritoflifeinibiza.com