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Author bio

Niaby is an ex stock broker who saw the light in the darkest hour of poor health and recognised the call of her soul to walk a different path.

That path has led her to be of service to spirit as she gently brings through words of wisdom from a higher source. Both a healer and a spiritual medium, she hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves, so in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same.

As well as being the author of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE, a book channelled with the higher power of spirit, Niaby is also the host of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN IBIZA podcast.

Niaby resides across London and Ibiza and hopes to gently inspire consciousness in others, not by telling them how to think, but rather by provoking thoughts in people that may not have been previously provoked, then allowing the seed of consciousness to grow.

More about the author

THE SPIRIT OF LIFE aims to inspire each individual to walk the path that their soul has carved for them, rather than the path that society deems and in so doing, shining the light for others to do the same. It is through this same journey that Niaby was led to bring this book into fruition. 

Once a stockbroker and self-proclaimed party girl, she used material wealth and the highs of a party lifestyle to hide from the broken and dysfunctional person that she had become inside. Disconnected from self and the true reality of who she was, she denied the gifts and talents that she had in favour of the need to make money at all costs. Lost in a sea of stocks and shares and big nights out, she had forgotten that she was a writer, denied her inner wisdom and mediumistic abilities and closed her eyes to her ability to heal. 

As her disconnection from self deepened, she became ravaged by ill health and began to spiral into a state of depression. She no longer knew who she was until one day, no longer able to continue to walk this path of destruction, she found herself on her knees, begging for mercy, begging to walk the path that her soul had so desperately been asking her to walk. 

Upon finding the courage to walk away from a fifteen-year career in finance and taking a giant leap of faith into the unknown, Niaby began to discover that she held all of the answers that she had been looking for, within her. She discovered that she had the wisdom to heal herself, physically, emotionally and mentally, and that she had the wisdom and the ability to help others to heal too.

Through the healing work that she intends to do and through the launch of this book, Niaby’s long term plan is to set up and self-fund a school and an orphanage in order to show how a different schooling system could dramatically impact our current society, by producing children whose connection to self is saved, instead of children who are taught to disconnect, conform and give up their gifts, dreams and talents in order to follow the path that society has carved for them. 

Through embarking upon this journey, she hopes to show the world that change, whilst ubiquitous, can be more positively and profoundly achieved by the simple yet powerful recognition of one’s own soul as it tries to guide each and every one of us into that change that we all so desperately need to see. 

About the book

‘Every one of us has a gift, a gift that will help to heal the rift’. 

This is an extraordinary book that takes the reader on an extraordinary journey into self. A shift of consciousness is upon us which is affecting every person, whether that be in small and subtle ways or grand, extravagant ways. This book may hold the key be unlock the answers that we all so need to see.

Man has lived in darkness for too long now and each and every one of us has been screaming for change. This book seeks to empower each individual to take action to invoke change, not by staging sit ins, marches and protests, but rather by encouraging each individual to connect with their own gifts, powers and passions which, in turn, will allow them to find their own way to make a positive impact on the world. 

THE SPIRIT OF LIFE seeks to empower every individual to affect that change from within. To take back their gifts and reconnect with their passions in order to allow them to stand firmly in their individual power. The very crux of this book is to reunite each individual back to the very essence of who they are by exploring not only their connection with themselves but their connection with the greater and higher source and power. 

This book is a gift to any individual who may feel drawn to read it. To any individual who no longer wants to walk the path that they were told to walk, rather than the path that they were born to walk. To any individual who wants to reconnect with the magic that is within each and every one of us. 

Book excerpt

Trying times and trying measures, taking away your earthly pleasures. Trying times and trying means, detracting from your merry dreams. Trying times and trying pains, it always pours and never rains. Trying times and trying themes, seeing you ripped at the seams. Trying times and trying days, walking around in a haze. Trying times and trying jobs, love of life this often robs. Trying times and trying thoughts, so many souls have been bought. Trying times and trying lives, trying to see through the disguise. Trying times and trying gestures, having to listen to so many lectures. Trying times and trying losses, power struggles with your bosses. Trying times and trying nights, getting into so many fights. Trying times and trying points, time to smoke another joint. Trying times and trying rules, taught to you in your schools. Trying times and trying chains, starts to drive you all insane. Trying times and trying moods, toxic drinks and toxic foods. Trying times and trying fates, filling the world with so much hate. Trying times and trying goals, a heavy world taking its toll. Trying times and trying diseases, it’s time that the madness ceases.

Reconnect with your gift, see how this will heal the rift. Reconnect with your soul, see how this will fill the hole. Reconnect with your pleasure, see how life you’ll start to treasure. Reconnect with your love, no longer will you push and shove. Reconnect with your spirit, open up and really live it. Reconnect with your beauty, understand your karmic duty. Reconnect with all that’s true, it’s time for you to start anew.

A better life awaits you all, no longer will you want to brawl. A better life is yours to take, move away from a life that’s fake. A better life is yours to know, a chance to let your soul grow. A better life is yours to see, of society’s chains you will break free. A better life is yours to give, a chance for you to really live. A better life is yours to share, a life where everyone’s treated fair. A better life is yours to act, a life where man will never lack. A better life is yours to honour, the darkened state will be a goner. A better life is there for all, just listen to your soul’s call.

Live in love and live in joy, no longer feel shy and coy. Live in love and live in honour, all your demons you can conquer. Live in love and live in peace, start to live your life with ease. Live in love and live with dreams, surrender to your life’s themes. Live in love and live in freedom, this is how you find The Kingdom.

Sell sheet

Title: The Spirt of Life

Author: Niaby Codd

Genre: Spiritual/Self help

RRP: £8.99

Print length: 198

ISBN: 978-1-912850-82-2

Ebook: 978-1-912850—83-9

Publication date: 20th August 2019

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Language: English

Formats available: Kindle and paperback

Available at: all good bookshops including Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones

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The Spirit of Life Book Synopsis

THE SPIRIT OF LIFE is a book of inspiration and meaning. For so long now, man has disconnected further and further from the very essence of his being and in so doing has disconnected from his true purpose – that is to love and be loved and to experience himself in all of his entirety.

To find ones way back to love and back to self, one must first become aware of all that has kept him distracted from his journey. As the wheels of society turn faster and take us further from our truth, one starts to feel a disconnection so big that one can no longer even feel, hear or sense the desperate call of our soul as it asks us to recognise that truth.

To live with love is to live with peace. To understand how to love is to understand how to be at peace. To recognise that we have allowed ourselves to be pulled so far away from love that we can no longer imagine a world that could ever be at peace, is to recognise the true failings of our society. The trappings and trimmings that pull us away from a life that is real – a life with purpose and meaning – are the trappings of a society that has come undone. A society that puts wealth over health and the greed of corporations over the need of the individual. A society that takes a creative individual and turns him into the conforming masses by crushing the very dreams and passions that he was gifted with at birth. A society that breaks the will of its people by stripping them of all that is real and true and replacing it with convoluted truths that best serve its purpose – that is to control and to separate instead of nurturing and uniting.

THE SPIRIT OF LIFE is a book that seeks to gently guide man back to this truth by helping him to see how we have come to live in a world whereby we don’t even question the ‘truths’ that we have always been told. It is a book that seeks to inspire man to reconnect with those gifts and passions that have been stripped away and replaced with a need to make money at all costs, whether it be to the detriment of his own soul or that of another.

By gently inspiring man to reconnect with these gifts, this book seeks to re-empower the people to remove the shackles of society and to start to think and feel for themselves again. To allow their senses to guide their way as they begin to reconnect with their soul, instead of listening to what has been cleverly placed in their head. To start to see truth, in all of its entirety, not by teaching them what the truth is, but instead by teaching them how to find it for themselves.

‘United we stand, divided we fall’ – this book helps to show man the error of his ways. As we disconnect from self, so too do we disconnect from each other. As we give our power away to those that will take it, so too do we allow that power to be used to cause division and hatred in our world. As we refuse to open our eyes to our reality, so too do we refuse to open our eyes to self.

We live in an ever changing world and each and every individual has the power to change the world for the better. It has been said many times that change must come from within, this book seeks to provoke that change by gently provoking consciousness in a way that has not been seen before. To read this book is the first step to ‘being the change that we all wish to see’.

What people are saying about The Spirit of Life book

Truly amazing book, loved reading it!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 October 2019

Verified Purchase

This book is inspiring and thought provoking, what a pleasure to read, filled with so much honesty and wisdom. Loved the poetic rhyme, flows beautifully. Goes deeply into every element of life and existence, really says as it is, raw and honest. Filled with compassion and love, can sense the authors concern for the world and all living beings. Would highly recommend, got the book initially on kindle but now would like a hard copy for myself and to gift to others.



Inspirational book!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 September 2019

Verified Purchase

I loved the opening honesty, and the inspirational positive mantra feel to the book. I can open at a random page or date, and focus on an uplifting or thought provoking passage. A handbook to a stressful planet.

Mr M D Mackay


Spiritual move forward

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 September 2019

Verified Purchase

An excellent read, written in rhyme could easily be considered as a song of life. Also written in the power of three it therefore has a flowing technique allowing self discovery journey in the world of spirit

Roy F Brooks


Great spiritual book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 June 2020

Verified Purchase

A great book for some spiritual insight. The author has really put her life on the line pulling no punches. Couldn’t put it down.



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All good bookshops including Amazon, Goodreads and Waterstones