Change Your Job, Change the World

I look back on my life as a stockbroker and wonder how I ever survived that world. The early mornings, the stressful days, the sleepless nights, tossing and turning, worrying that I had made a mistake that could cost someone millions or cost me my job.

The man’s world that I had to fit into, moulding myself to become the ego that I so despised. The depression, the ill health, the addictions and frustrations that were taken out on others. The constant desire for more money when I had not even the time to spend the money that I had already made.

When I look back on those days and see who I had allowed myself to become, I shed a tear for myself and for all of those who are still enslaved to this system.

Stockbroking may have been at the extreme end of the rat race that so many of us find ourselves in, but still, to be in the rat race at all is to be so far away from our truth that we no longer even know who we are.

‘Easy for you to say’ I hear you cry. ‘You made your money before you got out’. ‘You were one of the lucky ones’. And that I was indeed. Lucky to have received the beautiful gift of burn out and ill health. Lucky to have taken myself to the wire of depression and substance abuse. Lucky to have allowed myself the experience of toxic and abusive relationships. For without these gifts, I would never have fallen so low that I had no choice but to walk away from the career that had once defined me.

You would be correct to believe that money has allowed me the time to heal. It has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with my natural gifts and passions that I had forgotten even existed inside of me. It has allowed me to hone my craft and reconnect with my heart space, recognising the dreams that I came here to fulfil. But as I follow my natural gifts, talents and dreams, no longer am I enslaved to the money, or the system, that once sought to control me.

This is where our future lies. To reconnect with who we came here to be and align ourselves with our highest selves, our highest dreams, whilst disentangling ourselves from a system that fools us into believing that money should be our driving force.

Yes, in our current world, we need it! I can not tell you that this is not true. But when we realign ourselves with our highest dreams, we start to draw forth all that will be needed on our journey to support us. THIS is the way of the world – not money! To be in alignment with our truth is to be in alignment with our greatest needs and desires. We can not fail to draw forth all that we need to support us as we move into the truth of our highest reality.

The journey to find our truth is a grand journey indeed. It will take us through many twists and many turns, many highs and many burns. Many lows and many doubts, many groans and many shouts. But when we reconnect with the truth of who we came here to be, we start to recognise all of the power that we hold within us to bring forth all that we came here to create.

Our natural gifts and passions are the very essence of who we are. Through our schooling system we are taught to be less than we came here to be. We are taught that if we are not good at subjects such as maths, science and English then we are not good enough. For many of us, our natural gifts and talents are not nurtured, respected or seen, therefore we feel disrespected and unseen. We therefore create broken children and send them out to an already broken world where we seek to prove our worth through our job titles. 

By reconnecting with our own individual gifts and talents, we have the opportunity to not only heal ourselves, but to then shine our light of love out onto the world to help to heal it too.

A world that is healed thrives on love, not money. A world that is healed gives from its heart, knowing that all that it gives shall come back to it through the vibration of love. 

As each of us step into the individual power of who we came here to be, and bring forth all that we came here to create, we will find that we all hold tiny pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Some may hold bigger parts of the picture than others, but together, our natural gifts, talents and dreams will help to create a whole new word that so many of us are so desperate to see. 

This may seem impossible but was the whole world closing down not also impossible to fathom before 2020? Nothing is impossible! To believe it is is just another limitation of the system that has been imposed upon us. 

As with all dreams, we have to dream big. As with all change, we have to start somewhere. As with all healing, we have to start with ourselves. To change the way of the world, we must first change the way of our own limiting beliefs. When we reconnect back to the essence of who we truly are, we become the change that we wish to see. When we become the change that we wish to see, we set ourselves free from a system that seeks to control and disempower us.

Power comes from within. It comes from being who we came here to be – so be it, in all of your entirety. Be who you came here to be and the riches of The Kingdom shall be bestowed upon you.

If you enjoyed this article you may enjoy reading my book The Sprit of Life.

This article was first published in Stories to Change the World. To balance the overwhelming quantity of apocalyptic literature, Stories to Change the World international community publishing (a program of Alexis Mercedes) puts forward works that are both hopeful and realistic.

Focusing on young, underrepresented, and emerging authors,  STCW declares that by defining what we think is possible,all people become designers of the future.

This article was published in episode 7 of STCW periodical, which you can purchase here:Stories to Change the World. I also have another article published in episode 2.

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