Coming Home

As The Matrix now becomes clear to see, for many instead of just a few, we have now reached a portal of time that shall see us calibrating all that we know and all that we have been taught into the wisdom of our soul. For our soul has been on this journey throughout all time, searching, finding, remembering, experiencing, all in line with the divine. All in line with our higher purpose and all in line with universal laws. 

It may seem like universal laws have been breached but all that we have experienced was agreed to to unite us with our higher purpose – that is to return to source, having experienced ourselves separated from all that is and all that can be. 

This journey has been a long one, seeing many of our souls plummeting into darkness life after life after life. For those who believe ourselves to be conscious now were not always so. Those who believe ourselves to shine such light and wisdom now often had to find ourselves sinking into the darkness to be able to understand what the darkness is. We had to invite that darkness into our own souls to know how to transmute it and we have had to spend many a life releasing the shadows that such lives have cast upon our soul. 

This journey to navigate our way through the darkness has been a tumultuous one but a necessary one all the same. For how can we know light if we do not first know darkness? How can we know love if we have never experienced hate? How can we know passion if we have not first lived in apathy? It is through the darkest moments that often the brightest light reveals itself and it is through these times of transcendence that our souls can be reborn. 

To live with love and to live with passion is to experience ourselves in all of our fullness, but that fullness can not be revealed to us without first knowing what it is to live without those things. And so, round and round we go, searching and healing, healing and searching as we allow ourselves to grow into all that we are and all that we can be. 

Our current society is simply a creation of all that we have wished to experience in order to allow ourselves to come back to a place of wholeness. To be whole without ever experiencing the feeling of incompleteness is not to be whole at all because to be whole we must first have been incomplete. To be ‘with’ we must first have been without and to return home we must have first departed. 

But as we now start this journey of ascension, back home, back to source, we must remember that this is also part of our soul’s evolution. Everything that we experience is everything that we need to experience in order to rid ourselves of all that has kept us captive. 

There are those of us who consider ourselves to be conscious, but let me ask you, how conscious is it to believe that our work is already done? How conscious is to believe that we are here for only our own progress when our own progress relies so very heavily on the progress of the collective consciousness? Yet how conscious is it to believe that we must shake others awake vehemently in order to escape all that we now see, when all that we now see is part of the process that shall take us home? 

The tangled web has already been woven and we are all flies who have been caught in society’s web, but all in line with the divine. We each have our own unique journey and purpose as we work our way through this tangled web but it is not for us to know the journey of another’s soul. It is not for us to decide when another should start to see their way through this web of lies, for it is within the process of detangling that one shall find their way back to wholeness. 

There are many of us who recognise our role to help those who can not yet see, to be able to see with as much clarity as we do, but we must do this with love and compassion as we gently hold their hand and guide them through this web, for as we know, once they are able to see the tangled web that has been woven, so too shall they see the gaps within the web that shall allow them to fly through into a freer future, but all must be allowed to take place in their own divine time. 

We are here, at this time, to challenge The Matrix and those who protect it, however, our role is not to fight against those who protect it, but instead it is to rise above it. By that I mean that we must collectively raise our vibration as the current Matrix simply can not exist at the higher vibration of love. 

It is impossible for us to collectively raise our vibration when we allow ourselves to be pulled into the lower vibration of fear and anger. When we take to social media, allowing ourselves to be pulled into the darker patterns of fear and torment, we continue to feed into the very system that we wish to free ourselves from. When we react with anger to those who are not yet conscious to their surroundings, we simply create more of the low vibrational energy that keeps us entangled in our web. When we judge or abuse another for not yet seeing what we see, we are going against the very process that allows us to be free – that is to ascend in love, releasing our fears and judgements as we move into a higher collective consciousness. 

This higher collective consciousness can not be created if we continue to feed into the lower collective consciousness. We can not move into a place of love if we still hold onto hate for those who control and those who allow themselves to be controlled. We can not ascend into oneness if we still feed into the division of ‘us and them’. And most importantly, we can not return home without the whole of humanity coming together as one. 

I am here to work towards humanity’s right to ascend as a whole – this is the mission that I hold in my heart and soul and I know that I am not alone in this journey. But how can we ascend as a whole if we fight against those who are not yet ready to see? How can we ascend as a whole if we consider ourselves to be above those whose eyes are not yet open? How can we ascend as a whole if we work from a place of anger, frustration and impatience? 

Our soul’s have been navigating their way through this journey for thousands and thousands of years, readying themselves for this very time in history. We have been training for this, throughout this lifetime and many, many more before that. We are ready and we are here but we can not negate the very process that will help to set us ALL free.

We must find patience in our hearts and patience in our souls, for freedom is surely ours, but we must allow ourselves, and others, the journey through this life that will help us to find that freedom, then when we do, we will be ready to embrace it with open arms, knowing that to be free, really and truly, we must first have been entangled in a web of lies. That to be able to appreciate that freedom fully, we must first have untangled ourselves from society’s web. That to experience ourselves in our wholeness, we must first have journeyed from our place of lack. And to be who we are, really and truly, we must first have broken away from all that held us in captivity to who we were not. Because to be free is to be everything that we already are, if only we could see that what is happening now is our creation – the creation of our collective consciousness to allow us to experience ultimate freedom, ultimate love and ultimate power, all in line with the divine. The creation of our collective consciousness to allow us to return home… 

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This article was first published on Conscious Life News who believe in providing content that elevates their readers to a higher state of consciousness and motivates them to take positive action in their lives.

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