December 21st 2020

The lies in truth and the truth in lies…

December 21st 2020, one of the most powerful dates in history – or is it?

There is a lot of confusion being spread about this date – a date that absolutely will go down in history, but not in the way that some are predicting.

It is important for us, in this time of lies, deceit and manipulation, to look beyond what we are told, beyond the physical and tangible and beyond what we think we know. For at each and every turn there is trickery, smoke and mirrors laid out to confuse us on our path to true consciousness.

Each and every one of us, no matter how conscious we believe ourselves to be, must work our way through these clever deceptions to find our way through, not only the darkness, but also through the false light and false landscapes that have been deliberately set on our path to stop us from connecting with light in its truest form.

Some of what we are hearing about December 21st 2020 is just that. Clever devices have been laid out before us to trick us into making choices and decisions that are not in alignment with our highest interest.

For example, one such device is that on this date, those who are conscious enough shall be escaping the treachery of this world on some sort of ascension spaceship, set for paradise. 

It is also said that only a very small amount of people will be conscious enough to board this spaceship. Let me ask you something, how conscious is it to leave behind the majority of the human population to suffer at the hands of those who seek to control us? How loving is it to choose to say goodbye to those that we love, simply because they have not yet found their way to the truth by a pre-determined date? 

This ascension process is not about those who deem themselves to be conscious enough to be able to leave all that taints them behind. It is about humanity’s right to ascend as a whole in whatever time scale that may take. It is about shifting from the lower vibration of fear into the higher vibration of love. It is about returning from our separation from source back to the oneness. So let me ask you, if you have booked yourself a space on the ascension spaceship, knowing that you will be leaving the rest of humanity behind to suffer, are you actually conscious enough to warrant your place in the first place?

This question is not intended to attack, quite the opposite, it is intended to make you think beyond the conscious understanding that you currently have, opening into an even deeper understanding of the levels of manipulation that have been planted and seeded into the minds of even the most conscious amongst us.

We must look even further still, as, as we start to recognise the unconsciousness within our perceived consciousness, we must also recognise the trap that has been laid within the trap.

When we recognise that humanity is to ascend as a whole and therefore commit ourselves to staying and ‘fighting the good fight’ we also commit ourselves, of our own free will, to the reincarnation cycle – a trap that has been cleverly laid to keep all lightworkers, wayshowers, psychics, healers and other energy workers caught in a system that feeds on our energy and tries to diminish our light. 

This is a cycle that we have been trapped in for many thousands of years and it is not over yet, but knowing it allows us to make our decisions from a place of strength, love and understanding.

I know that I have enough love in my heart to see this through. I know that my love for humanity is strong enough to allow me to play my part in setting the whole of humanity free, no matter how long that may take. I have no fear of how long that may take because I know that we are ascending to a place of love. I have no need to question how we shift from a place of separation to a place of oneness because I see that through making the decision to stay and ‘fight’ for humanities right to ascend as a whole, we naturally start to shift the energy from the ‘I consciousness’ to the ‘we consciousness’ that we need to create.

I know that I hold this love in my heart and I know that you do too. I know that you too have the strength, the courage, the wisdom, the passion and the unfaltering power to see this through to the end, helping, guiding, steering and loving every human as they go through their process, their shift, in whatever time scale is necessary for them to truly set themselves free. For even the most conscious among us are not yet truly free and so we must go beyond December 21st 2020 to set us free from all that still holds us captive.

This date, a date that will absolutely go down in history as one of the most powerful dates of all time, is not a date in which we will leave our bodies, our planet or our fellow kin behind. Much like the misinterpretation of the Mayan’s prediction of December 21st 2012, a date that was deemed by the west to be the end of the world, instead of a cycle that represents the end of the world as we know it, this date represents an energy shift so huge that no man shall escape it. 

Our consciousness is about to be high rolled into levels beyond our current understanding. Our collective will power is about to be propelled into a state of reaction that holds such power that no force, no matter how dark or how powerful, will be able to reckon with it. Our state of knowing is about to shift into unparalleled states of being. We are about to ascend.

But ascension does not happen over night. It does not happen at the flick of a switch. The energy of December 21st 2020 will be strong, but it will not be strong enough to carry us to salvation without us first doing the work that is needed upon ourselves. It will, however, give us the energetic kick up the backside that humanity needs to start to see more clearly. It will give us the clarity to start seeing with the eyes of truth and the love to start acting with compassion to our fellow man. 

It will give us the grit and determination that we need to see this through. It will open the eyes of many whose eyes have been firmly closed until now. It will spark confusion and change and opportunity and growth. It will light the way on the darkest day and warm the hearts of the coldest minds. It will bring about change with such ferocity that no man will put asunder. It will ignite love in the hearts of many and joy in the hearts of all, but this is not a prophecy that can be fulfilled in one day. This is a prophecy that will be ignited on this powerful day but will take many years to come into fruition. 

We must be patient. We must surrender to all that is and all that needs to come. To surrender does not mean to give up the fight, it means to embody the fight into all that we are whilst still shining the light of love, compassion and understanding from our hearts. It means to allow this ascension to take place in whatever time frame is necessary. It means to know and to trust that the energies of the dark and light are dancing with each other all in line with the divine and that every dark play that we see will help more individuals to reach their breaking point where they say ‘no more, enough is enough’! It means to allow the process in which each and every individual rises from the ashes of their own destruction to shine forth their own light, thus vanquishing the darkness further. It means to trust all that we are and all that we can be, because all that we can be is love, if only we would allow ourselves the time to experience the journey on the way to the destination that we so seek.

The paradise timeline beckons each and every one of us, even those who can not yet see. Even those who can not yet consciously choose. Even those who still hold anger and hate in their hearts.

I choose the paradise timeline but I choose it from a place of love for my fellow man. I choose to shine my light of love on the world to help those who are not yet conscious to rise from their slumber and join us in the paradise that we shall collectively create. I choose to guide the way for those who are still lost, for those who still inadvertently choose to suffer. I choose to fulfil the role that I came here to play, even if it means that I have willingly given my energy to those who seek to trap us within this cycle. 

I do this because I know that we are strong. Stronger than we have ever been, wiser than we have ever been and more powerful than we have ever been. I do this because I know that the energy of the planet supports us in our rise as we now come to the end of a cycle that kept us separated from source, all in line with the divine. I do this because I know that this is our time to ascend but I also know that we must do it together, collectively, hand in hand, no man left behind, no matter how hard a task that may seem. I know this because I am love, I am power and I am strength. I know that when we come together in the love, power and strength that every single one of us has, we can achieve the task that we all came here to embody. 

When we rise with love we rise further than we can possibly imagine. When we rise in unity we rise in the strength of one and all. When we rise together, we are all one…

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This article was first published on Conscious Life News  who believe in providing content that elevates their readers to a higher state of consciousness and motivates them to take positive action in their lives.

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