How to Survive & Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

As director of The Spirit of Life Productions Ltd it was an honour to have been invited to be interviewed by the renowned Authority Magazine, amongst other authorities in business, wellness and social impact.

As a Highly Sensitive Person who suffered burnout as a result of not understanding my sensitivities, I was invited to take part in their ‘How To Survive And Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person’ series:

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally?

I am an ex stockbroker who saw the light in the darkest hour of poor health and recognised the call of my soul to walk a different path.

That path has led me to be of service to spirit as I gently bring through words of wisdom from a higher source.

My role here is to inspire people to be the best possible version of themselves. I do that by doing the work on self that is needed to allow me to be the best possible version of myself. 

It is not an easy role that I have taken on. Being the best possible version of oneself takes a lot of time, effort, work and willingness to change. But what I have found is that when we are willing to dive deeply into our old wounds and conditioning, looking at ourselves with honest eyes, we can then start the journey that is needed to truly set ourselves free.

It often takes for us to reach breaking point before we are prepared to take an honest look at ourselves and make the changes that are needed to allow us to break free of society’s conditioning and become the people that we were born to be. I work in different ways to encourage people to make those changes before breaking point is reached.

As someone who reached breaking point myself, through ill health, burn out and depression, forcing me to walk away from my 15-year career in finance, I have learned, through my journey,  many different ways in which we can implement these changes before we hit rock bottom.

I share guidance, wisdom and inspiration through my book and podcast, as well as a deeper look into society’s conditioning and trappings, that often see us losing ourselves and our true callings.

I am also an intuitive life guidance coach, helping people to see what they already know, deep down inside, through the eyes of clarity and wisdom. As a Highly Sensitive Person, I am able to use my sensitivities to pinpoint blocks that are standing in the way of individuals being their most authentic selves. Once pinpointed, I will intuitively recommend tools, as well as practical advice and tips, to help push through these blocks, thus allowing a person to step into the power of who they truly are.

Thank you for your bravery and strength in being so open with us. I understand how hard this is.  Can you help define for our readers what is meant by a Highly Sensitive Person? Does it simply mean that feelings are easily hurt or offended? 

To be a highly sensitive person means far more than simply being someone who is easily hurt or offended. In fact, as a stockbroker, I had to learn to be incredibly thick-skinned and so, whilst I am highly sensitive, I am not someone who is easily hurt or offended.

To be highly sensitive means to be sensitive to many things – energy, stimulants, food, noise, light, pollution, violence, other people’s emotions, time pressures,  – all of these external stimuli can affect our sense of equilibrium and further weaken an already sensitive nervous system.

Many highly sensitive people are also empathic which means that they are sensitive to the energy and emotions of others. It took me a long time to even realise that I was sensitive to the energy of others because I did not realise that it was even possible to be so.

What we need to understand is that emotions are energy and people’s moods, emotions, thoughts and feelings are all held in their energetic field, so, as an empathic sensitive, we pick up on these things being emanated through that person’s energetic field and then absorb them into our own being on such a deep level that they feel like they are our own emotions.

I would often find myself feeling low or depressed in the company of certain individuals. Or angry or subdued in the company of others. I would simply take these on as my own emotions, not recognising that the low vibrational thoughts that were suddenly floating around in my head did not actually belong to me.

There were some friends that I would find myself feeling exhausted by being in their company, yet, as soon as I walked away, I would feel myself coming back to life again. I can even recount one experience where my good mood was so deeply suppressed by the energy of a friend, who was going through some emotional trauma, that when I left her company, a huge, bellowing laugh escaped uncontrollably from me. My own joy had been so deeply suppressed and overtaken by her emotions that it needed to burst out of me as soon as I was back in my own energy.

Does a Highly Sensitive Person have a higher degree of empathy towards others? Is a Highly Sensitive Person offended by hurtful remarks made about other people? 

I would not like to categorically say that a Highly Sensitive Person is more empathetic than a less sensitive person. I believe that we all have different levels of sensitivity and we all have different life experiences that can help us to have more empathy towards others, but, certainly, being a highly sensitive empath means that we tap into other people’s traumas, wounds, states of mind and emotions very easily, whether we want to or not.

It can make us take on these emotions as our own, feeling them deeply at a core soul level. We can feel, and sometimes even unwittingly express, the anger, frustration and wounding of another whilst we are in their company. Due to the fact that we take these emotions on so deeply into our own being, we may find ourselves shouting out the anger that we are feeling or crying the tears that need to be shed as if they were our own.

When we do not recognise that this is somebody else’s emotion that we are feeling, it can cause a lot of confusion as we do not know or understand where these different waves of emotions are coming from or how to deal with them.

I believe that there are many people that this happens to that have not yet recognised that they are sensitive to the energy of others and therefore are unable to distinguish another person’s emotion from their own.

I, personally, rarely take offence by a hurtful remark made about another, or even about myself for that matter. To take offence to something that is said often indicates that there may be some healing that needs to take place around the subject of the offence, in the individual that feels the offence.

This may be difficult to digest and, of course, there are times when what is being said would just be outright offensive to anyone, particularly if the person saying it has the intention to be offensive, but we all have different ideas about what is offensive and what is not because we all have different sensitivities to different subjects through our own experiences. This is the case whether we are highly sensitive or not so it is important for us to look deeply into our own selves to understand the reasons behind why we feel that something is offensive.

As a sensitive, we can also develop our ability to feel into the energetic signature behind what someone says. For example, someone may say something that can be taken offensively but we can feel that there was no intention to offend behind it. It may be that someone else can be full of charm, saying all of the right things, but we can feel the insipidness of their nature or intent behind their comments.

This is a very good gift to master, as a sensitive, as it can allow us to move through something that may initially sound offensive then come into better alignment with the true motives and emotions of the situation. 

Whilst I don’t usually take offence, when a hurtful remark is made about another, I am able to feel the pain and impact that the remark has made on them. I am also able to feel the pain and trauma that has led a person to make that remark in the first place, which, in turn, also allows me to have more empathy for the protagonist as well.

I believe that having empathy for both sides is a very powerful tool as it can lead to quicker resolution of situations from a place of compassion and understanding.

Does a Highly Sensitive Person have greater difficulty with certain parts of popular culture, entertainment or news, that depict emotional or physical  pain? Can you explain or give a story? 

Yes, certainly anything depicting violence, terror, shame or guilt would have a huge impact on a highly sensitive empathetic person because we take on all of those emotions as our own. Our bodies and minds then take on the impact of feeling those emotions which can be incredibly damaging to both our psyches and our well being.

I stopped watching the news at least 20 years ago as I recognised the negative impact that watching it had upon my state of mind and therefore my state of being.

During the first lockdown, circumstances meant that I needed to live with my mum, who chose to watch the news on occasion. At no point during lockdown did I experience any kind of anxiety, fear or overwhelmment, except when my mum chose to watch the news.

By switching the news on, she was inviting humanity’s fear into our living room which rendered my body almost incapacitated with stress and anxiety. I had to get out of the living room and away from the news channel to bring myself back into a state of equilibrium. 

Can you please share a story about how your highly sensitive nature created problems at work or socially?

As a stockbroker, being highly sensitive is something that had to be managed, hidden and in many cases, switched off altogether. 

I kept my gifts and sensitivities buried deep for many years working in that industry. Had I have shown any kind of sensitivity back then I would have been laughed off of the trading floor!

An HSP can often have strong intuition. I, myself, am an incredibly intuitive individual, who has spent the last 9 years developing that gift, but back then, I did not really understand my intuition.

As a broker, I had to make many quick yet smart and conscientious decisions, whilst also working with and reacting to the on the spot decisions that other members of my team were making.

Whilst not understanding, at the time, that this was intuition, I would often see the fall out of certain decisions being made, in advance, in my mind. I would see the different impacts that every move that we made would have on the end result that we were trying to create for our clients. I would see it and I would say it, but I would not be believed or listened to.

I would argue that if my colleague made the move that they were about to make it would negatively impact the deal. I would argue it, but I would not be heard. More often than not, I would be backed into a corner and forced to have conversations with my clients that I knew would end up having a negative impact on what we were trying to achieve, but I did not have the authority to impart my intuitive wisdom on my team. Nor did I understand it to be intuitive wisdom at the time…

Having to work in a way that was so obviously counter-intuitive to me caused me great stress. Both working counter-intuitively and keeping my sensitivities buried was incredibly detrimental to my health and only went to further impact my burnout symptoms. 

I believe that Highly Sensitive People are more susceptible to burnout IF we do not look after ourselves properly, or have awareness of our sensitivities, so it is imperative that we recognise our needs and find ways of working that do not overly impact our nervous systems. 

When did you suspect that your level of sensitivity was above the societal norm? How did you come to see yourself as “too sensitive”?

My sensitives have been apparent throughout my whole life, especially as I now look back through the eyes of wisdom, but I would say that I truly started to see and understand them towards the end of my broking career.

I lived in Hong Kong for the last 4.5 years of my broking career and was deeply affected by the noise, light and air pollution, as well as food sensitivities and the use of pharmaceuticals. 

These things eventually sent me to breaking point and forced me to start the journey to change my life. 

I travelled for a year after I quit my job and it was through the experience of travelling that I really started to notice the effect that different people’s energy was having on me.

Previously to that, I was spending a lot of my time with many of the same people. Same work colleagues, same boyfriend, same group of friends, so I did not recognise the effect that different people had on my moods. 

Whilst I was travelling, I met a girl with who I became good friends with. We had a great time together and I thoroughly enjoyed her company. We arranged to meet up again at a later date in our travels and at this point, she decided to give up smoking. 

Whilst she was not outwardly displaying her emotions, her mood became much darker and heavier as a result of her going through the process of giving up smoking. Her thoughts became darker and more erratic. It was harder for her to find the joy in moments and I could feel and sense all of this. Not only could I feel and sense it, but I was also taking on her dark thoughts as my own. My own mood mirrored hers whenever I was in her company, but as soon as I was out of her company, my own happy mood and thoughts returned.

This was the first time that I really recognised how I was being affected by the energy of others. As a result of finally recognising this, I started to become much more aware of the, sometimes subtle and sometimes less subtle, changes in my own mood as I mixed with and met many different individuals on my travels.

When I returned home and met up with my ex, I noticed the huge shift in energy that overtook me in his presence. I then realised, for the first time, that the sense of despair, depression and negativity that I had felt during the time that we were together, actually belonged more to him than it did to me.

I’m sure that being Highly Sensitive also gives you certain advantages. Can you tell us a few advantages that Highly Sensitive people have?

This may not be the case for all HSP but many of us can often see, hear and feel things that others can’t which can give us a sense of truth and knowing that others might not be able to sense.

Many highly sensitive empaths can simply sense truth and know when we are being lied to. As a teenager,  I was like a lie detector test. I could feel a lie a mile off and would often innocently and naively ask why a person was lying to me. As you can imagine, this did not go down well and I had to learn to switch that off pretty quickly to be accepted and fit in. But as someone who has now learned to work with these gifts, I can now embrace the ability to be able to see the truth in lies and the lies in truth. This is a beautiful gift that would be of huge benefit for us all to be able to master, for, as it is said ‘know the truth and the truth shall set you free’.

We often have a knowing of what is right for us and what is wrong for us.  When we become more in tune with ourselves, we know how to follow our path and how to connect with our soul’s calling. Unfortunately, many sensitives may not even be aware of this gift as often, people in general, are out of tune and disconnected from themselves. But when we start to do the work to really get to know ourselves, it becomes very easy for us to hear the call of our soul. 

For many of us, we just know, which can be hugely challenging in a world that does not accept ‘just knowing’ as a reason to do something. But when we learn to master this gift and no longer care what others say, we can simply follow our intuition and knowing to create a life that better serves our purpose. 

I think it is important to recognise that being highly sensitive does not just have its advantages, it  is, in fact, a beautiful gift. We just have to learn how to manage this gift in a world that does not see it as such.

Can you share a story from your own life where your great sensitivity was actually an advantage?

I spoke earlier of how my intuition in business could cause me great stress when I was not listened to or heard by my colleagues, but when I eventually set up and ran my own trading desk, I no longer had to battle so hard to convince others of what I was seeing, as it was me that made the call.

When I then had free rein to play out the strategies that I was seeing in my head, my broking career went from strength to strength, as I was then able to give my clients exactly what they wanted. 

This meant that my clients saw me as a highly valuable commodity and entrusted me with a lot more of their business. 

The running of the trading desk also put further pressure on me though at a time when I was already suffering from burnout and ill health. Being so sensitive to the stress, pressure and the stressed-out energy of the people around me, I was eventually pushed to breaking point.

It was being pushed to breaking point, as a result of my many sensitivities, that forced me to walk a different path. Through training those sensitives and making sure that I now fully understand their power, I now use them to my advantage to, not only create the life that I wanted for myself but to also help others to see how they too can create that for themselves. 

When we learn to see our sensitivities as a gift and learn to master them, we can do great things with them.

There seems to be no harm in being overly empathetic. What’s the line drawn between being empathetic and being Highly Sensitive?

I have geared my answers to be more towards empathetic HSP’s because that is what I am, but there are some highly sensitive people that may not have quite as much sensitivity to other people’s emotions or energy and therefore may be considered to be less empathetic. 

An empath is someone who has the capacity to be able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to understand what it would feel like to be them in certain situations. An empath often absorbs other people’s energy and emotions and can feel them as if they were their own. They can tell when someone is upset and are therefore in a better position to sense when some extra love and compassion is needed.

It is possible for a Highly Sensitive Person to only be aware of sensitivities to stimuli such as light, noise, stimulants and pollutants, for example, but whilst it may not be immediately or obviously present in all HSP’s, it is my belief that empathy can be developed in all sensitives. 

As is the case with everything, we will all have different levels of ability but I, personally, believe that all HSP’s have the capacity to develop this strength. 

Social Media can often be casually callous. How does Social Media affect a Highly Sensitive Person? How can a Highly Sensitive Person utilize the benefits of social media without being pulled down by it?

As someone who has the capacity to see truth and lies, it can be very difficult to see some of the things that are being posted on social media. It can be difficult to see someone being attacked for sharing ‘their truth’ by someone who is still caught up in their own lie. 

It can be difficult to see this abuse taking place on a daily basis, without it pulling an empathetic person into the pits of depression and despair – so my advice is simply this, do not allow yourself to be pulled into the things that make you feel low on a daily basis.

We all know that social media, when used in the right way, can be a very powerful tool to promote and connect, but when used in the wrong way, can see us wasting our valuable time and can create anger and despair from some of what we see being posted. So again, my advice is simply this, make sure that you use social media in the right way – use it, don’t let it use you!

Only allow yourself the time that is needed to promote your work or connect to who you need to connect with. Use it for what you need it for and forget the rest. Anything beyond that is head candy! Set yourself a realistic time limit to do what you need to do and avoid looking at anything that will drag you down or make you feel upset, annoyed or angry. 

This advice is simple but it is effective. I give this advice to not only highly sensitive people, but to anyone who wants to bring equilibrium and balance into their lives. 

How would you respond if something you hear or see bothers or affects you, but others comment that you are being  petty or that it is minor? 

I would simply ask them to respect my feelings, even if they can not understand or respect my view.  I would also try my best to understand their point of view as well.

If something truly was minor then I would find a way to let it go, but if I believed it to be something worth addressing, then I would find an outlet for what I wanted to express.

As a writer and a podcast host, I have found the perfect outlet for me. I can express my views in a conscious way that can help and inspire others to see things differently. 

It can be incredibly challenging having to explain yourself to people constantly as a sensitive. It can feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall, not being heard, not being understood, but if you can find a creative outlet for your expression, whatever that expression may be, then, not only can you get it out of your system, but you may also find that you have created something that can be used as a resource, to send others to, as a way of avoiding having to constantly explain yourself.

If there was something that needed to be addressed between myself and another individual, whilst, as a sensitive, I hate conflict, I have learnt, over time, to be able to express how I feel in a way that is compassionate and less emotional.

To be able to do this, it is often important to remove oneself from the situation as it arises as, as empathic sensitives, we are highly affected by the energy that may be created in an emotive situation. Therefore, it is often advisable to give the situation time and space, until the emotive energy has subdued, then we can approach the subject with less emotion. 

It can take a long time to develop this skill though and the more emotive the situation, the harder it is for us to do, as we are overtaken by the energy of the moment. This can make it very difficult for us to break the energy and walk away. As with all things though, practice makes perfect and, through this practice, we do have the capacity to raise ourselves above both the situation and the energy.

What strategies do you use to overcome the perception that others may have of you as overly sensitive without changing your caring and empathetic nature?

Rather than trying to change another person’s perception, I would advise that we should actually work to change our own perception of ourselves.

As highly sensitive people, we often feel that we do not fit into society, that other people do not understand us, or mock us, and this may be true, but when we start to shift our own perception of self, we naturally start to shift other people’s perception too.

Energy attracts energy. If we think we don’t fit in, then we won’t fit in. If we think that people view us as weird, then they will view us as weird. If we think that people do not understand us, then they will not understand us.

For many years, I was embarrassed by my mediumistic abilities. I thought that everyone would think that I was weird and therefore, on the occasions that I was brave enough to share my abilities with people, I often received the negative reaction that I was expecting.

When I started to work on my own perception of my abilities and embraced ‘the weirdness within’, owning who I am and what I am capable of doing, other people’s perceptions of me started to shift as well. 

Now I find that people actually find my gifts, abilities and sensitivities interesting and want to hear more about them. So much so that here I am being interviewed on that very subject…

When we cower and speak of our sensitivities unconfidently, we are much more likely to be dismissed, but when we speak of our sensitivities from a place of confidence and power, we are much more likely to be heard. When we own who we are, in our entirety, we will naturally start to receive the respect and understanding that we deserve.

What are the “myths” that you would like to dispel about being a Highly Sensitive Person? Can you explain what you mean?

Being a Highly Sensitive Person does not necessarily mean that we are overly sensitive or easily offended. It does not mean that we need to be treated with kid gloves. We just need to be heard, seen, respected and treated with compassion, which, I would say, is the same courtesy that should be extended to any human being. 

Being highly sensitive is a blessing, not a curse. Being sensitive to toxic food is a blessing as it forces us to embark on a healthier diet. Being sensitive to stimulants forces us to give up said stimulants which are not good for us anyway. Being sensitive to noise forces us to seek solace in the peace and quiet of nature, which brings all human beings back to a place of equilibrium and wellbeing. Being sensitive to violent movies forces us to stop watching violent movies, which only serve to desensitise humanity from its violent undertones. Being sensitive to people’s energy and emotions forces us to spend more time with those that treat us with love and respect. Being sensitive to big crowds forces us to spend more time alone where we have the opportunity to truly get to know ourselves and connect with our inner world.

Whilst it can feel like a curse when we are still deeply plugged into society’s trappings and addictions, when we take the journey into self to set ourselves free from all that keeps us addicted and trapped, we come more into alignment with ourselves and find a better way of being and living in harmony with our sensitivities. 

Being highly sensitive to things like food, pollution, chemicals and stimulants does not make us weak. In fact, it means that our bodies are working hard to let us know quickly, and in good time, that what we are putting into them does not serve to keep us healthy. All of our bodies try to give us these warnings, it is simply that some of us are more sensitive to the signs that our bodies are giving than others.

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a blessing not a curse, but it can feel like a curse in a society that is laden with heavy pollutants.

Instead of being weak, highly sensitive people are actually very strong because, despite what we are having to deal with, we still manage to survive in a society that bombards us with stimuli that attack our sensitive nervous system.

Being sensitive to violent movies does not necessarily mean that we are overly sensitive to blood and guts. It means that we feel the violence that is being done to another on such a deep cellular level that we can not bear to think of the pain that is inflicted on another, in humanity’s violent culture, of which a violent movie is a representation of.

I would also like to dispel the myth that we are any different to anyone else. I believe that we all have the capacity to be highly sensitive individuals. We can all be empathetic and we are all intuitive. We can all learn to listen to our bodies to recognise when an external stimulant is weakening it, but many people do not wish to tap into these things as being these things, in a world that does not always accept or support them, can be incredibly challenging.

We have all been bombarded by heavy pollutants, so much so that most people in society are not aware of the damage that this is causing. We have become used to feeling heavy and sluggish and therefore do not even question it.  We use stimuli such as TV, alcohol, narcotics and food to escape from ourselves and what we are truly feeling. A sensitive is simply more able to tap into the truth of this reality and the truth of what they are feeling beneath society’s desensitisation. 

We are all a product of the society that we were born into, having been desensitised our whole lives from our true capacity to feel. There are those of us who are naturally more sensitive, who were born to use these gifts and sensitivities to help others, to show that there is a better way of being, living and eating, but every single one of us can tap into these gifts, should we choose to. 

The more that highly sensitive individuals are accepted in society, the more people in society will start to tap into their own sensitivities. 

As you know, one of the challenges of being a Highly Sensitive Person is the harmful,and dismissive sentiment of “why can’t you just stop being so sensitive?” What do you think needs to be done to  make it apparent that it just doesn’t work that way?

The more highly sensitive people find the courage to speak out in interviews like these, the more material there will be out there for people to learn about what it is to be highly sensitive. The more people learn, the less they make derogatory and unstabilizing comments, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating the opportunity for these interviews to take place.

I would also like to thank those who do not consider themselves to be highly sensitive, for taking the time to read these words.

However, I always like to bring things back to personal responsibility, because, ultimately, we are always responsible for our own experience. 

I think that the more that we, as sensitives, start to really own our sensitivities and what these sensitivities mean, the more we start to step into the power of who we came here to be. The more we step into the power of who we came here to be, the more respect we receive for the things that we see, hear, sense, feel and know. 

The more we start to develop our gifts and sensitivities and use them for the greater good, the more respect we receive for the changes that we try to bring about in society – changes that would positively impact and benefit many people who may not yet be sensitive enough to recognise the detrimental effects that some of this external stimuli are having on their own mind, body and nervous system.

‘Be the change that we wish to see’ and the rest will follow.

Ok, here is the main question for our discussion. Can you share with us your “5 Things You Need To Know To Survive And Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person? Please give a story or an example for each. 

HSP’s need to surround themselves with naturenature brings us back into balance and harmony and can help to alleviate stress. When we are in harmony with nature we are morein harmony with our natural state of being and will therefore be less affected by things that are not in alignment with who we are.

As someone who suffered from burnout, I still have to work hard to manage my stress symptoms. I now work from home and have chosen to live in nature. I am surrounded by a cacophony of trees that naturally ground me and keep me feeling at ease and at peace within my body. Workdays are no longer stressful as I now, not only do what I love, but I do what I love whilst being plugged into the healing elements of nature.

It may be so that we can not all live in nature, but we can find time to walk or be in nature, even if it is simply a case of taking the kids to play at the park.

HSP’Sneed to find the gifts within their sensitivities and learn to master them having a purpose is a must for a Highly Sensitive Person as we are often deeply connected to our inner worlds and therefore need to live an inspired and creative life.

Our society often teaches us to follow the money and therefore it is common for us to find ourselves in jobs or careers that do not inspire or ignite our passion. This can be incredibly detrimental to anyone’s well being, but to a Highly Sensitive Person, this can add further stress and pressure to an already sensitive nervous system. It is therefore imperative for us to find a purpose that ignites and inspires us.

We all have a purpose here but for those of us who are sensitives, it is likely that we can find our purpose through those sensitivities. For many, it may not be immediately obvious what that purpose is, but as a starting point, I would suggest that a Highly Sensitive Person could look at what affects or upsets them the most or what they feel most sensitive to, to see if they are inspired by what they can do to change it. 

If you are an HSP that is most disturbed by violence, do you feel drawn or inspired to work towards reducing violent behaviour in our society? If food intolerances get you down, could you help to re-educate people on the importance of a healthy diet? Or maybe you have a passion to open up your own healthy eating cafe. Often our biggest gifts and true life’s callings can be found through our biggest challenges.

Being sensitive IS a gift. It may not always feel like it but being sensitive to things can inspire change in ways that others often can not see until the change has been made. Be a pioneer of consciousness and bring in the change that you wish to see.

HSP’s need to learn to accept themselves and their sensitivities, then others will start to accept them toowe can not force other people to change their perception of us but we can change the perception we have of ourselves. When we change the perception we have of ourselves and stand firmly in the power of our sensitivities, other people will naturally start to change their perception too.

Seeing our sensitivities as a gift rather than a curse or flaw can dramatically shift our perception of self, so by finding the gifts within our sensitivities and learning to master them, we can also help to shift both our own and other people’s perception of what it is to be a Highly Sensitive Person.

HSP’s need to create their lives in a way that works for them, as much as is possible for them to do so not everyone is in a position to walk away from their careers and start over, but most of us are in a position to be able to implement small changes that will make significant differences to our lives.

We can often find ourselves drowning in a sea of other people’s thoughts and emotions, so we need to give ourselves some time to be alone so that we can work out what belongs to us and what belongs to someone else.

Highly sensitive people often need more sleep so we need to create space for that in our lives, in whatever way it is possible to do so.  We need to give ourselves permission to do this, recognising that It is not a sign of weakness or laziness, it is simply honouring what our mind and body needs.

We need to spend less time with people who exhaust and drain us. We do not necessarily have to cut people out of our lives altogether – often the people who can drain us the most are our family members who we love dearly – we just simply need to choose to spend a little less time with them, wherever it is possible, whilst giving ourselves a little more time to rest or be in our own company. 

I, personally, get very drained by spending a lot of time with others, even when they are high vibrational people. What I have learned is that I need whole days completely to myself to regenerate and recharge, so on the days that I have to leave the house, I get all of my jobs done at once. I do my singing lessons back to back, followed by my exercise class. I do my food shopping, see friends, get petrol, do my banking, anything that needs to be done all on the days when I am already out and therefore already being overloaded with stimuli.  This then means that I have several whole days a week where I can work from home and do not need to leave the house or be in another person’s energy field. 

This also helps to alleviate the sensitivity that I have to time pressure. If I have a day to work but have to be somewhere in the evening, I would feel the pressure and anxiety of this time constraint weighing upon my shoulders. By giving myself whole days where I do not have to leave the house, I also manage to alleviate the anxiety I feel from time pressures.

As I live in nature, not leaving the house all day is also a beautiful and welcome gift.

This is what works for me so I have created my life to reflect what I need. My way of living would not be possible or even enviable for everyone but, as I said, small changes can make big impacts so, if you are an HSP, simply make the changes that it is possible for you to make at this moment in time. 

HSP’s need to take the journey into selfthis is one of the most important things that any of us can do in life, but as a sensitive, we are often forced into doing this through our sensitivities. 

I have already spoken about how our sensitivities are often a blessing to force us into changing our lifestyle – when we are forced into changing our lifestyle we are often forced into looking more closely at the wounds that keep us addicted to the lifestyle that we are being forced to change.

When we look at these wounds, we start to heal our inner world by learning how to master our emotions and our gifts. We learn to recognise what those gifts are and how we can use them.

As sensitives, we need to learn how to master our response to certain situations. The more we learn to master our own emotions and our own reactions, the more we can learn to feel the emotions of others AS THE EMOTIONS OF OTHERS, rather than our own, and therefore become less reactionary to them.

I mentioned earlier that if we are feeling offended by something, then often that is a sign that there is healing that needs to take place within us. The more we heal ourselves, the less affected we are by the unhealed parts in others. The more of our own heavy baggage that we work through and leave at the door, the higher our own energetic vibration becomes and the less affected we are by lower vibrational energy and feelings.

This is a long process, and wherever we are in that process is ok, but the more we journey into self, the more we manage our ability to empathise with others, without being overly sensitive or reactionary to the energy that we are feeling. 

By journeying into self, we start to reconnect with our natural gifts and passions. We remind ourselves of our dreams and of how to follow them. This, in turn, creates more opportunity for us to be able to set our lives up in a way that works for us, rather than being pulled into the lives that society has created for us.

When we reconnect with our natural gifts and passions, we naturally start to bring ourselves back to a place of balance and equilibrium. 

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the greatest number of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 

The journey into self is one of the most powerful movements that I could wish to inspire. 

Through this journey, we learn to set ourselves free from all of our boundaries, our conditioning, and our limiting thoughts and beliefs. We learn to look at ourselves through the eyes of truth and compassion and recognise the things that hold us bound to our shackles.

We learn to embrace change, both within ourselves and externally. We learn to be the powerful beings that we came here to be.

We learn to find love in ourselves instead of searching for love in the arms of another, and in so doing, learn to shine that light of love out onto a world that so desperately needs it.

We learn to be us, in all of our entirety and all of our glory. No longer searching, just simply being – being all that we came here to be. Finding joy in who we are. Finding beauty in the natural gifts and talents that are beholden to us. Using those natural gifts and talents to affect positive change in the world.

By journeying into self, we take one giant step into helping mankind to raise its level of consciousness, one journey at a time. We help to set humanity free from all that has kept it enslaved, just by simply being us. For if each and every one of us was simply the person that we came here to be, then each of us would have taken on a healing journey so profound that we could not help but to live with love and live in peace. 

Love has no boundaries and it is only when we have truly learned to love ourselves, and all that we are, that we are then able to love others for all that they are too. 

This is how we change the world – one individual journey at a time.

This interview was first published on Authority Magazine a publication devoted to sharing interesting “interview series” featuring people who are authorities in Business, Film, Sports and Tech.

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