Welcome to The Spirit of Life in Ibiza Podcast

Series 1 – The Spirit of Life In Ibiza Podcast

Come and join me as I chew the fat with various guests, as we try to deconstruct some of the core beliefs of society that no longer serve us.

Allow yourself to be taken on a journey that will enable a different train of thought to that which we have always been taught.

Hear the words of wisdom that come through my connection to the higher source of spirit.

Allow yourself to be challenged, not only in order to see a path that will better serve your own needs, but that will also better serve the needs of humanity.

The revolution of consciousness is upon us – arm yourself with the knowledge and understanding that will help you to ride the waves of change that are already hitting our planet.

S1 E1: The Power of Transcendence
S1 E2: Higher State of Consciousness
S1 E3: The Path Less Trodden
S1 E4: Not Your Ordinary Folk
S1 E5: Spiritual Wisdom
S1 E6: Through the Darkness

Mexico Special

Somewhere Out There

I am joined in this Mexico Special by Victoria Sinclair, a techno shaman practitioner and spiritual teacher who has spent much time working with indigenous tribes.

Series 2 – A Whole New World

This is a controversial , provocative, thought inspiring series which dares to challenge all that we know in order to allow us to be all that we can be.

There are those who will be triggered by this series – and that’s ok, for to be triggered is to be spurred into action of some kind and spurred into a breakdown of the constraints of fear that have held us captive for so long.

Throughout this series myself and my guests explore what it is that has held us captive and how we now have the opportunity to break free of these chains, as we have now reached a portal of time that has been forever prophesied and is now ready to seen. That portal of time is to allow an awakening that has never before been seen. A revolution of consciousness, a revolution of our hearts and minds that will see us turn our backs on all that has held us captive, on all that has conditioned us to be less than we are able to be and on all that has stripped us of our freedom to be the magical beings that we are.

Through opening to this change, we open to a whole new world that is, not only fair for all, but that will see us living out our passions and dreams in ways that were never before imaginable. To get there, all we need to do is see. All we need to do is trust. All we need to do is love…

Some of the episodes in this series are unusually long but they absolutely had to be to be able to do justice to exploring the topics which are on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now in these unprecedented times.


Here’s what one listener said:

“This was a great podcast! I was a bit put off at first by the length but it absolutely has to be that long! It was, in fact, hugely engaging, extremely well delivered and obvioulsy very well researched. A difficult subject presented with compassion and grace. Well done.”

Michelle Ings

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S2 E1: Love not Fear
S2 E2: Dark Night of the Soul
S2 E3: The Eye of the Storm
S2 E4: Ascension Science
S2 E5: The Midas Touch

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