What is Consciousness?

Consciousness, the word of the moment. The word that slips off people’s tongues without true understanding of what it means. The word that fools us into thinking that we are ready to ascend into it without doing the work that will truly hold us in our ascension. 

So what is consciousness? Is it the ability to see the dark ugly truth that has held us captive for so long? Is it the ability to know that the light now shines on that darkness in order for us to cleanse all that has held us under? Is it the knowledge that a process has now started that will help to set us free from the darkness that we are now able to see?

Or is it simply this? The ability to see beyond all that we are taught, all that we are shown and all that we believe ourselves to be. 

In order for true consciousness to take place, we must let go of all that we know, not just some of it, allowing ourselves to be stripped bare, stripped of our knowledge, stripped of our wisdom, stripped of our pride, our ego, our education. For it is in this stripping that we are then able to connect with the divine wisdom and divine knowledge that comes forth in all that we do, yet is hidden in all that we have been taught.

This process, which we call ascension, must see us navigating our way through the truth in the lies and the lies in the truth. It must see us turning ourselves upside down and inside out to seek the truth that we carry in our soul’s knowing, instead of the clever implantations of the matrix in which we live.

But of course, our soul has experienced itself many times, in many ways and many forms in this matrix in which we live, so we must delve deeper still, into the very depths of our soul and depths of our being to cleanse ourselves from all that we have learned through the matrix’ journey.

Our ‘consciousness’ has been buried deeply in this matrix for many thousands of years. We have been scarred by it, manipulated by it, trained by it and hurt by it. We have been doomed by it and cherished by it, all at the same time. In order to relinquish all that we think we know, we must first work our way through the many layers of manipulation that still play out, even as we work our way through the truth in the lies and the lies in the truth.

This may seem complex, ‘why can’t the truth just be revealed?’ I hear you ask. But for the truth to simply be revealed without us being allowed to go through the process of our attachment to the lies, we would not allow ourselves the process of setting ourselves free from all that we think we know, in order to see the reality of all that is actually true.

And so, this journey into consciousness must be allowed to unwind slowly but surely, fiercely but softly, with bounty and grace as we get pulled down different roads, different paths, different knowings and unknowings. Different reveals, different falsehoods, as we work our way through the darkness, through the false light, to find ourselves basking in the glory of the true light that has always been there, although deeply shaded by all that is false and all that is inverted.

We ARE truth, we ARE consciousness, we are souls ready to be laid bare, wanting to go home but not yet recognising that WE ARE home. Not yet seeing the love in our eyes, the truth in our veins, coursing through our bodies, wanting to be seen, wanting to be heard. Wanting to make that connection with self, with God, with Source of which we have been separated from for so very long. 

But separation is simply an illusion of the matrix. There is no separation, there is no division, only the illusion that has been created in order for us to have this experience. An experience that is all in line with the divine.

As we become more aware of the dark plan, that is not only being rolled out currently but has been the very essence of the world that we have lived in for thousands of years, we must also start to recognise that the dark plan is all in line with the divine.

Humanity’s consciousness chose to experience a world under the illusion of separation and division from Source. It chose this to know itself and all that it could be to then be able to remember all that it already was in the beauty of its oneness.

In order for us to now ascend back to Source, we must start to recognise that the dark plan is also our vehicle to remember who we are and from whence we came.

It is our pathway to truth and our ticket to freedom. This does not mean that we should sit back and allow the dark plan to unfold, quite the opposite, it means that we should embrace all that it teaches us as it lights the way of our conscious understanding of all that has been false in this matrix. 

It means that we should choose who we want to be, recognise the role that we came here to play and stand in our power as we start the journey to stripping back all that we think we know, in order to be all that we can be.

It means that we choose love not fear and passion instead of disillusionment. It means that we choose to see with open eyes as the truth in the lies and the lies in the truth are presented to us in their full confusion. It means that we learn discernment and how to stand firm in our truth as we shed the mistruths that have been cleverly implanted into our knowing. It means that we learn to be us in all of our uniqueness and all of our fullness. It means that we learn to set ourselves free in order to be able to ascend with consciousness. It means that we become the consciousness that we already are, without the diversions of the matrix’ illusion. 

So what does consciousness mean? It means to live with truth and live with love having lived without either for so very long. It means to come home to self, in the recognition that we were always home and that our separation was only ever illusionary. It means to find compassion for all that has been, in order for us to be all that we are. It means to be God, the Source energy that runs through each and every one of us, as we remember the power that each of us are. It means to be magic as we remember the magic that courses through our veins and ignites our souls. It means to be free as we recognise that we always were free as we CHOSE to play this illusionary game. It means to forgive as we trust the journey of our soul that has always been in line with the divine. It means to step into our divinity, into our power and into our oneness. It means to be us, expressing ourselves in all that we are and all that we have ever been. It means to let go of all that we have ever been in order to become all that we can be. It means to be love.

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First published on New Earth Consciousness, a publication on Medium who want to move the planet to a higher reality and a better world by cataloguing and creating the planets awakening and ascension.

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